Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty - International Lifetime and Limited

We standby our products. Otherwise stated or constrained by local country laws, all products are warrantied for lifetime. No need for registration. To qualify for this and any warranty, you must bring/send purchase receipt and original packaging (in good condition) together with the faulty product to the store you purchased from. Should your product be discontinued or non-repairable - we will gladly replace with a new equivalent model. In-addition, please read our warranty policy.

Which countries do you ship to?

We are an electronics manufacturer and it is not our policy to deal directly with consumers. If you wish to purchase but your country doesn't have Xmate products - let us know . We try to make them available for you via your local distributor, retail shop.

Can I return purchases?

Of course you may ! Under one condition : that prior your purchase you have consulted with the retail shop or local distributor, have them understand your requirements, they make the recommendation, you purchase it and it didn't meet your needs. This has to be done by the next day of purchase. Should there be any genuine grievances - contact us.

How do I keep my Xmate powerbank in good condition ?

Any powerbank battery will degrade over time due to, sorry to say this - user negligence or ignorance. So to keep battery health in top condition always : once a month use the powerbank until battery totally flat, then charge it back to full using the ORIGINAL charger.
Important : do not overcharge the powerbank, always use the original charger, and do not charge the powerbank while using the powerbank even if it can be used while charging.
That's all. It's just a habit that will keep your powerbanks (battery) in great condition to last a really, really long time.
There is no straight answer as everyone's needs are different. Send us an email titled "which supernova should I get" mentioning the devices to be charged and for how long you are outdoors. We will be able to help you in getting the right Supernova for you !